Loving Your New Locks: Advice And Care Of Hair Extensions

If you've ever dreamt of having long, flowing hair that seems to go on for days, then consider getting hair extensions. Easy to apply and available in every shade of hair you can imagine, hair extensions seamlessly blend into the rest of your hair, creating a lengthening effect that looks and feels like the real thing. When purchasing your first set of extensions, you might be wondering how exactly to care for them or what to look for. Read on for some practical tips on hair extensions and how to best care for them.

Extensions Suited for Your Hair Type

For some, hair extensions can be a good way to enhance their already thick and luxurious locks. Unfortunately for many, this is not the case. Clientele who have limp, fine, thinning, or oily hair might worry that hair extensions simply won't work on them. However, you can enjoy the benefits of extensions regardless of your hair type. Those with thicker hair, for instance, might only need a thinner set of wefts for added length without too much bulk. If you have fine and thin hair, on the other hand, layering might be perfect for you. A tip such as teasing your hair after applying a small amount of hair spray works wonders for this type of hair and helps the extensions appear more natural. 

Style Ahead of Time

One of the best things about having a set of hair extensions is how easy and quick it is to style them. If you're using clip-ons or a halo style, be sure to style your hair ahead of time for an effortless look in the morning. This will help you save time during those hectic morning hours and get you out the door in record time. For a casual yet romantic look, opt for larger curls that are reminiscent of beach-inspired waves. Hot rollers or a large-barreled curling iron will do the job just fine. For a sleeker, more elegant look, take a flat iron to your extensions the night before. This look will be perfect for a chic and sophisticated presentation. 

Why Storage Matters

When it comes to storing your new hair extensions, it's best to invest in a quality hanger and storage bag to ensure they are properly protected. While it may be tempting to simply store them in a spare drawer, you'll soon find that this will only lead to a tangled mess that can drastically reduce the life of your extensions. Opt for a bag that is suitable for the length of your extensions. Once styled, you can easily store extensions, making for a convenient way to apply them when you're ready. Some storage bags even allow you to roll them up, creating an even easier way to travel with your extensions. 

For more information about hair extensions, contact a local salon.